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    The slurry is same important as water for the plants. To help them grow well need nutrition and they could get it from slurry. It does not matter to put the slurry in small field. You could do it without supported tool, but to place the slurry in the large field or agricultural, you must use the supported tool. Slurry dragman hoses are your solution. Only this kind of hoses which does not need any attention and requirement like free chemicals and not toxic. It is for the plants and not for your body. There is not a specification of free UV radiation or should be high restriction.


    Our Company Slurry Dragman Hoses


    1. Dragman Extra as the Favorite Hoses


    You may say goodbye to the complicated slurry characteristic because only Dragman Extra who notices the space of the field and the shape. This is a lightweight hose. Working simply and fast are two benefits of having slurry Dragman hoses in the field. The stronger character because it is designed by tensile stress blends well to abrasive in mind. Choosing the portable is really a good idea, but it is should less than 200 m to get the ready item. However, for more than that number, you may request it to us.


    Knowing Dragman Standard means you are the one step ahead. Although the type is similar, it has a different skill on opening pit water transfer and dewatering. Check the instruction and how to install it first before you go to use it.


    2. Flexitex Extra for wider scope


    Let say if the field is too wide to catch by the standard slurry dragman hoses. You need Flexitex Extra which made by the great blending process of PVC and Nitrile rubber. We know that working in the field must be taken in the shiny day. Therefore, we put the UV barrier in order to save the slurry from UV radiation. Since you will use it at noon, the stretching commonly happened. Our company treats it by doing the high pressure and high resistance to add the safety side to you.


    Another slurry dragman hoses are Flexitex Standard for small slurry units and irrigation. It keeps good to be used on nonpolar liquid. We believe you will get satisfied with it because of its low price in high quality tagged.


    3. Superman HVT


    Our company produces it carefully. It user polyester yarn and from thermoplastic polyether. The process takes some steps and it gives the slurry dragman hoses skill to transfer liquid in non normal way. High pressure is its best friend, but it keeps easy to handle. It is a lightweight hose which suitable for large and narrow field. It has a perfect abrasion resistance that will help you in handling every serious case in the field. Before you decide to take it, read the instruction and procedure of installing because when there is a small mistake, it damages the whole stuff and functions.


    4. Ultraman


    Ultraman and Superman are good on their properties, but Ultraman is better on its rugged and normal condition. If you are looking for the complete slurry dragman hoses, Ultraman is the answer. Be happy with using it because there will be no UV radiation, used chemicals, and abrasive. Worrying about fungus degradation and hydrolysis will not happen to you anymore. Using Ultraman in the right manner will cut the slurry time a lot. The diameter concerns everything including the speed of delivering the substance.


    It is better to consult your worry for us, especially on this hoses. Our company keeps the effort to give the best hoses, no exception on the qualified hoses. Best offer from us is giving warranty offer with maximum 2 years. We are the professionals' best friend. They keep on trying to give the high resistance hoses. The whole hoses should be safe and cost-effective for your business and various industry. Our Ultraman has the strength to tear and pressure materials. The whole hoses from our company are made by the great yarn. Therefore, the whole of them are of good quality, it is proven after they passed our standard.


    Slurry dragman hoses materials are Nylon, rubber, and PVC. They are the example of this type of hoses material. Weather is a big item to influence resistances and it is enough at hot temperature. Every of material has its own plus and minus. We hope you select the one that supported the whole of your need and remember that the slurry characteristics are different for each plant and seed. Check the diameter first because of the hoses also different. The bigger of it creates the larger efforts. We should notice one by one of slurry characteristics.


    The Dragman may have the double function as the irrigation hoses and slurry in the same installation process. It is helpful because no matter the use of it, we should consider that it is full of meaning. There is not a harmful detect seen and quite safe to be used in long time. It means, although you need cable, it takes in right side. The standard is The thicker cover of the hoses may equal to deliver the slurry and keep resistance against the high pressure. How is the speed you require to deliver the slurry and how is the shape of the standard slurry? It has to meet the viscosity requirement because each student must know how to make a sound from the hoses.


    Check the various design and appearance of it online although our company does not have it.but we ensure you to get the best quality of ours. We offer various appearance of hoses, but having the coils is better in order to make the less effort. The portable hoses also should be your consideration and to shorten the distance between the hoses to the source of slurry must be a perfect idea to have! It is time to select the best collection from our company and this is what you will get. Our choice is available in Amazon.com Or Some Layflat hoses Blogs. You get what I want, don’t you?


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